New Orleans Restoration Properties’ Mission is to contribute to the Revitalization of Historic Neighborhoods by providing high quality new and restored properties for consumers and stakeholders to participate in neighborhood redevelopment through purchasing and renting of formerly blighted or underutilized properties and vacant land.

Our team of aggressive professionals take pride in every aspect of our work and are driven by a higher calling to perform every task with excellence. Whether that task is picking up trash in the neighborhood or overseeing a multi-million dollar development.

We are committed to the goal at hand and take extreme ownership in our responsibilities and commitments to all parties involved. Our team is passionate about training and mentoring future leaders of the company within a highly motivated team atmosphere that inspires entrepreneurial thinking and collaboration in efforts, a sense of ownership, and unity among our people. For this reason, our team will continue to spark an urban renewal throughout neighborhoods that encourage residents to invest in their community not only monetarily but also socially, and culturally.

We and our community partners unite our efforts to make New Orleans a better place to live. We will be a part of the solution for the city of New Orleans concerning the issues of blight and crime. Our investment efforts are strategic in location as we aim to improve the quality of life for not only the residents and small business owners in a specific property but for the neighborhood blocks themselves. Therefore, we focus on facilitating the purchasing of multiple properties in the same target neighborhood and are committed to not leaving any blight behind.

Our goal is to work within our niche of sustainable mixed-use development and historic property development for the end-use of hotel, commercial space, market, and affordable housing.